How to Make Indian Yogurt Curry

 Yogurt curry is very popular in Indian subcontinent.  In India, yogurt curry preparation changes from region to region. I will give the recipe for making different types of yogurt curry and then you can try them all.

Serves 4, Preparation Time: 10 min., Cooking Time: 30 min.

Common Ingredients:

1) 1 1/2 Cup of  plain milk yogurt

2) 8 Tbsp Gram Flour

3) 1/2 Tsp Indus Organics Turmeric Powder

4) 4 Tbsp Corn Oil

5) 2 Tsp Indus Organics Cumin Seeds

6) 10 Indus Organics Malabar Black Peppercorn

7) 6 Indus Organics Clove Buds

8) 2 Tsp Indus Organics Black Mustard Seeds

9) 2 Tsp Indus Organics Fenugreek Seeds

10) Salt per Taste

North Indian Version Additions : 4 Indus Organics Cayenne Pepper Whole

Central Indian Version Additions: 2 Tsp Sugar

South Indian Version Additions: 4 Curry Leaves


1) Mix the yogurt with gram flour, turmeric, salt and sugar (If you are making central India version)

2) Heat the oil in a heavy pan and add Cumin, Fenugreek Seeds, Peppercorns and Clove

3) Stir the yogurt mixture ensuring that there are no lumps. Add the mixture to the pan

4) Cook for 5-7 min. till consistency resembles that of a thick batter

5) Add curry leaves (If making south Indian version)

Yogurt curry is ready to serve with rice or Indian wheat bread.

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