Comparison of Black Pepper

Black pepper has been known as king of spices. It can be found in every dining room, irrespective of country, religion and financial status. However, there are marked differences in the pepper grown in Brazil, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. People around the world love little spiciness in their food. Black pepper is used in various cuisines, cheese, chips, drinks etc. Black Pepper can not be grown in Europe, Russia, China and North America due to weather and soil conditions. Most of the black pepper in the western world is imported from above mentioned countries. It is so common a product that futures are sold in the stock market. Pepper Farmers call it, “Black Gold”, since it can be stored for long period of time and can be sold worldwide.The popular saying of,  “money does not grow on trees”, does not apply to pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. These are some of the most expensive spices in the world for centuries.  These products have colonized countries and wars have been fought. Columbus was looking for pepper and other spices when he arrived in America. British colonized India for pepper trade for a century. Following map shows the map location of Tellicherry region in Kerala, India.

Map of Tellicherry Region

Black Peppercorn Comparison

Indus Organics Jumbo Black Peppercorn

Jumbo Peppercorns are the largest ripe berries. These fully mature berries have very unique taste compared to ordinary pepper. We steam sterilize the Jumbo berries for high purity. This removes some of the softer outer skin of the ripe berries. These berries before steam sterilization are more than 5.5 mm in diameter which makes them the largest black pepper in the world. Click here to buy them online

Indus Organics Jumbo Pepper


Indus Organic Tellicherry Pepper  

Indus Organics Tellicherry Special Extra Bold (TGSEB) Peppercorn are very high quality peppercorns grown in southern India. These mature and ripe berries have unique taste and aroma. These peppers are steam sterilized to obtain high purity and low microbial. Steam sterilization of pepper reduces the size of fully ripe berries. Lot of companies sell lower grade pepper with large size. These peppers are not steam sterilized. Devil is in the details. Click here to buy them online

Indus Organics Tellicherry Pepper

Indus Organics Tellicherry Pepper


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