Bulk Maca Powder (Black)


Black Maca Root powder is the rarest and most valued of all three colors of Maca, cultivated exclusively at an altitude of 4,000-4,500 m in the Peruvian Central Andes. Maca is traditionally used for its nutritional and presumed medicinal properties. Gelatinized maca powder helps improve energy and endurance naturally without jittery side effects. Because of it’s powerful nourishing properties it was one of the most important resources for nourishment in pre-Inkan and Inkan times. It takes about 4 kg of Raw Maca roots to produce 1 Kg of Gelatinized Maca powder.

Our Black Maca Root powder is the product of Peru. 

Why Gelatinized?

Gelatinized Maca is more easily digestible and can be better digest than the regular Maca. Gelatinized process removes the starch from the Maca root, making it easily digestible for maximum nutrient absorption. The powder is very soluble in liquids, which makes it smoothly blend in smoothies and juices

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