Bulk Garlic Minced

For centuries, organic garlic has been recognized for its medicinal value as well as distinct flavor. The most important part of this plant for medicinal purposes is the compound bulb. Each bulb is made up of 4 to 20 cloves, and each clove weighs about 4 gram. The parts of the plant used medicinally include fresh bulbs, dried bulbs, and oil extracted from the garlic. Garlic is a fast and a easy way to add zesty pungent flavor to many dishes. Organic Garlic is excellent when used in many European recipes including pizza and pasta.

Organic Garlic is a perennial that can grow two feet high or more. Organic Garlic has long, flat, narrow leaves. They are greenish-gray in color and grow to about 12 inches long and 1 inch wide. A round-stemmed flower stalk originates from the center of the plant and produces a ball-shaped, compact collection of white flowers that are sometimes tinged with lavender. The bulb (the only part eaten and the part used for medicinal purposes) multiplies during the growing season, producing highly flavored bulblets called cloves. Each group of cloves comprises a bulb and is wrapped in a white papery sheath. Some varieties have a reddish or purplish sheath. Garlic is ready to harvest about 6 months after planting when the flowers are fading and the leaves begin to turn yellow and shrivel.

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