Bulk Cayenne Pepper Whole

Chili is nature's wonder. Our Cayenne pepper has about 40,000 SHU heat. We offer Cayenne pepper in ground, whole and flake forms.

Chilies contain capsaicin - the potent substance that gives them their 'fiery' character. Almost 80 percent of the capsaicin in a Cayenne is in its seeds and membranes. Our Organic Cayenne peppers add color and flavors to many cuisines. The pungent curries of India, the blistering sambals of Indonesia, the spicy Thai soups and the piquant Mexican salsas would certainly lose their zest were it not for the chilies used. Cayenne is used in various forms; as raw fresh green chilies is chopped; or grinded to paste, broken split or whole form. To preserve Cayenne for longer time it is pickled or sun-dried to get a "red" coat Cayenne which are powdered to be used in pinch to get the desired taste of "HOT". Cayenne is very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Chili is the dried ripe fruit of the genus Capsicum annuum. This plant is a short-lived perennial herb approx. 1 metes in height. Leaves are oblong and glabrous. The flowers are solitary; color pure white to bluish white. The Cayenne berries are green, maturing into yellow, orange to red and then to brown or purple. Fruits are pendent and sometimes bi lobed. Seeds are white, thin having long placental connections.

Why is Chili 'HOT"?: 'Hot' Cayenne peppers contain more capsaicin, the source of their warm, and stimulant properties. The way capsaicin seems to act is by homing on the surface of the membranes of nerve cells. Here it fits smugly on a receptor protein, quite like a key fits into a lock. The so activated receptor protein opens up a channel in the membrane through which calcium ions rush inside the nerve cells. This triggers off an electrical impulse that is registered in the brain as "hot".

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